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5 Book Cover Illustrations Looking for New Homes

Another set of illustrations from the flying monkeys at the Duncan Long Studio. These illustrations were created for my personal pleasure, but hopefully eventually will find homes on book or magazine covers. Subject matter covers science fiction to horror to fantasy, with perhaps a few stops in the Twilight Zone. For those interested in purchasing […]

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Another Demon in the Freezer

I recently completed the cover artwork for Anthony DeCosmo’s action-adventure/techno-thriller The God Particle which is the first in his “Opposing Force” series. The key requirement for the cover was that the environment look like a new lab with a biological containment door. After doing a little research on what a bio-containment door should look like […]

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Book Artwork: To beard, or not to beard…

Last week we completed the cover illustration for Ralph Joseph-Mirani’s science fiction epic Stranded Angels. This book cover turned out well with a nice flowing line from the sun rising at the rim of the earth with an orbiting spaceship — both pointing first to the dancing girl, then to the hero of the story, […]

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Book Publishing Odds and Ends

Sometimes I discover a variety of tidbits that aren’t quite enough for a blog entry, but which I suspect will be of interest to those connected to the publishing industry. So… Authors can now autograph their Kindlel ebooks for fans — via KindleGraph. Authors may sign onto the service via Twitter accounts or set up […]

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Cover for Mary Maddox’s Talion Completed

Rounded up the illustration and layout for the cover of Mary Maddox’s Talion novel. This paranormal thriller is a good read and when the book with this cover becomes available, I’ll be posting a link to it. And, yes, the book is already in print (and can be ordered here), Why the new cover? The […]

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Just In Time for St. Valentine’s Day

Here’s a novel written for those wanting to know what it’s like to have a sociopath in your love life. Yes, I did the cover illustration. Perhaps the book’s author knew about my sociopathic tendencies. A Life Lived Ridiculously can be purchased from the author’s website www.ridiculouslife.net, or through Amazon or through Barnes & Noble. […]

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5 New Horror Illustrations Looking for a Home

From time to time, I create new illustrations “just for fun” with the hope that eventually they’ll find a buyer. This generally proves a good investment of my time with most such pictures eventually finding a home on a book or magazine cover. The plus of these self-directed illustrations is that they’re produced more quickly […]

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John Chadwell and a Pair of Book Covers

Some time back book author and screen writer John Chadwell sent me a photo (above) that I thought I’d share. As you can see, he’s standing in front of the book and graphic novel covers I created for his action-adventure novel and graphic novel. And, yes, that’s his Facebook page showing there on the monitor […]

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Book Publishing in 2011 — and 2012

Ebooks did well in 2011, and I suspect with all the ebook readers that were handed out by Santa Claus this Christmas, they’ll be in very solid footing in 2012. Many in the publishing industry are expecting that in the not too distant future, ebooks will be outselling print in most markets with the exception […]

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How to Create a Kick-Butt Book Cover

Working with an illustrator or artist to create a quality book cover is a big deal, especially for indie and self-publishing authors. The quality of the cover is the new “gatekeeper” that helps readers decide whether a book is going to be worth buying. A good book cover illustration and layout will attract buyers; a […]

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