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7 Variations on a Book Cover Illustration – Sneak Peek

Generally book covers result from a sketch or two, one of which strikes the publisher’s fancy, and from there the illustrator starts polishing the idea, working his magic to create the final book cover artwork. But there are projects where an seemingly endless number of ideas get tossed around before finally reaching the finish line. […]

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Dr. David Gelber’s Behind the Mask Now Available

Dr. David Gelber sent word that his book Behind the Mask: The Mystique of Surgery and the Surgeons Who Perform Them is now available at Amazon.com. Normally operating rooms are brightly light, so things were a little tricky with this cover because the central figure tended to get lost in the background. Finally I hit […]

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Ms. Pan Is Looking for a Book Cover to Call Home

I had the opportunity to have some of my artwork showcased in the upcoming May issue of Horror Bound Magazine. While searching for suitable illustrations for the magazine, I discovered a few “Golden Oldies” that I thought I’d post over the next few days. Most of these (including this one) have never been used as […]

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My Most Popular Illustration

“The Lake of Fire” has proven to be one of my most popular illustrations. It has appeared on various websites, been used in PowerPoint presentations, and served as the spin-off for at least three book illustrations (generally as the background). “Lake of Fire” has appeared in several magazines, and also has the unique honor of […]

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In Print: Lamp Lighter Magazine Cover Illustration

I love the unexpected that is part of freelancing. I never know what the next illustration job might entail. Science fiction, religion, fantasy, mystery… The subject matter varies and keeps things from ever being boring. This weekend, I received the print copy of the Jan/Feb. 2011 issue of the Lamp Lighter magazine (published by Lion […]

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Two More Book Illustrations

Another pair of book illustrations. Each created as a part of the cover artwork for John Phillip Backus’ science fiction novel The Gathering – After The Fall (book two in this series). The crow eventually was employed on the cover (with its mirror image self) while the dog didn’t make the final cut because if […]

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Sneak Peek III: Werewolves of New Idria

Another round of graphic excerpts from John Chadwell’s graphic novel Werewolves of New Idria (Moonstone Books). Each of these is actually just a part of the page from the books (as I don’t want to ruin the complete picture for readers). As can be seen, these are a part of the progression through WWII and […]

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