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Artwork: At the Polar Cap of Mars

My new illustration for an upcoming special edition of Amazing Stories. The short story this artwork illustrates is set at the Mars polar cap, and deals with the solution the main character devises to get her friend and herself out of harm’s way. On a personal note, it’s hard to describe what a thrill it […]

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Additional Illustrations for Lesser Gods

I recently created some additional illustrations for the paperback version of my science fiction novel Lesser Gods. Without further ado, here are a few of them: You can read a sample chapter from Lesser Gods at Amazon.com. =============================== And a few reviews of Lesser Gods: Could become a sci-fi classic By Levmark on January 23, […]

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Medusa Illustration Sees “Double Duty”

The Medusa artwork I created for an inner illustration of my science fiction novel Lesser Gods has been picked up as the March 2014 cover of the online audio horror magazine Tales To Terrify. Nice. Here’s the original black and white version that appears in Lesser Gods: See a free preview of the new edition […]

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Masters of Horror: An Interview With Duncan Long

I have a nice interview at the “Masters of Horror” blogsite. Of course it’s always a relief to have an interview that’s a hatchet job on you (ha). That’s a serious downer. (After several decades in the publishing business, I’ve only been ambushed once in this way — with a radio interview that I discontinued […]

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Cover Reveal for John Chadwell’s Legends and Liars

I recently had the chance to create the cover artwork and layout for John Chadwell’s new science fiction novel Legends and Liars. It was a pretty straight-forward design job with an illustration that would reflect the idea that much of the story would take place in space. The lettering then “nailed” it as a science […]

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About That Weird New Art Director At Amazing Stories

It’s official. Visitors to the Amazing Stories website were told Sunday: “Duncan Long recently joined the staff at Amazing Stories as its Art Director.” Let me answer two questions (you may, or may not be asking): Yes, it is a great honor. It’s also a childhood dream come true given the influence science fiction has […]

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The Amazing Kreskin and Witches and Fish

I about fell out of my chair today when this email came from The Amazing Kreskin himself — written after he’d finished reading my graphic novel Witches and Fish: I just had the most remarkable experience of reading and viewing your book… This is the first time I have ever read a graphic novel and […]

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Stuart Jaffe’s Southern Belle In Print (& Electrons)

The third book in Stuart Jaffe’s Max Porter paranormal mystery series is now out. The mystery Southern Belle can be found at Amazon in both Kindle and print formats. There were several interesting challenges in creating this book cover illustration. Foremost was the need to make it appear similar to the previous two book illustrations […]

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The Lost Predictions of “NostraDuncan”

The last ten years have seen a major shift in our business from creating illustrations for larger publishers toward clients who are self-publishing authors or small presses. And ebook covers have become a large part of that work (though generally these are generated from the print version of the covers we create). One of the […]

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Bleed and “Color Space” for Book Cover PDFs

For self publishers or those starting a small press, the process of creating a print cover PDF can seem pretty daunting the first go around. Fortunately after a time or two it becomes pretty much “old hat” and can be taken in stride (though this isn’t to say that new and varied hiccups don’t occur […]

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