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A Child’s Witness to Genocide

Issue five of Free Voices magazine came out with the illustration I did for it. The issue contains extensive excerpts of Edith Saposnik Kaplan’s book A Child’s Witness to Genocide (both the magazine and book are published by The Solomon Press). The autobiographical story follows the harrowing experiences of Kaplan (then a small child) who […]

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Last Week’s Book Cover Illustration and Design

Book cover illustration and cover design/layout for Dr. David Gelber’s soon-to-be-released Joshua and Aaron (Book Two in the series). In creating this cover, our first thrust was to offer a view of a human card player and only death’s hand and cards showing. Logically this made the most sense since readers tend to identify with […]

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Mind Games Now Available

As readers of my past posts know, I occasionally work as a graphic designer, laying out books I create illustrations for. One such book was Richard Thieme’s Mind Games which I also “published” under my Duncan Long Publications imprint. With all the work that went into this book, it is a bit nearer and dearer […]

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Wearing My Typographer’s Hat

Sometimes I do more than just a book cover illustration for a client, tackling the lettering and graphic design/layout of the cover as well. This calls for some different software tools (most of my illustration work is done with an elderly Corel Photo-Paint 8). Work often gets down to the level of not just kerning […]

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