is a sort of “Drudge Report” for survivalists and preppers. a nice blog on a variety of survival topics.


“Survivalism Lite” from Newsweek: an obviously biased look at the prepper movement – it never hurts to see what your critics are saying.


American Preppers Network: a wide range of info from food storage to considerations in regard to self defense.


Survivalist Blog takes a look at preparations from the more “hardcore” survivalist viewpoint.


The Home for Survival is a nice collection of articles about preparing for disaster. offers a variety of discussion groups – also great if you want to engage in “which is better” flame wars.


Survival News Online offers a nice roundup of news articles in regard to prepper and survival issues of the day.


Survivalist Boards is another nice prepper / survival discussion forum.


Survival Blog offers a nice collection of articles and thoughts on survival and prepper issues.


Off Grid Survival gives some excellent information as well as opinion pieces that may (or may not) be of interest to preppers.


Prepper Resources: a “just the facts,” no-nonsense look at a variety of potential problems (and how to deal with them) as well as product reviews and the like.


Preparedness Advice Blog: gives a lot of odds and ends that are worth considering.


Backdoor Survival is another interesting prepper blog.


The Suburban Prepper tips with an eye toward survival in the bergs.


Doomsday Preppers Forum is aimed at the “hard-core” survivalist.


Survival Cache offers product reviews of a variety of survival gear.


Major Surplus and Survival is a commercial site offering a variety of equipment that may be hard to purchase locally.


Pioneer Living Survival is a step into the past, offering time-proven techniques as a solution to surviving a variety of disasters.


Survival Products: another commercial site selling a variety of equipment


Equipped to Survive offers a variety of tools and specialized equipment with an eye toward preppers.

You Can Survive - how-to  prepper survival manual covers nuclear natural disasters war chemical and biological weapons finding food and water

You Can Survive give you all the essential information you need to survive the worst – all in one comprehensive manual.


Included are sections on improvised chemical/biological/nuclear shelters, protecting electronics from EMP, how to select the best firearms for self defense, chemical and biological weapons decontamination, what to do when there’s no doctor, etc., etc.


Also an extensive section on food storage (and how to feed your family for only pennies a day) and how to store water for emergency use.


If you could only buy one book to deal with emergencies, with would be the one to buy. Buy it today while you still can!  

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