You Can Survive - how-to  prepper survival manual covers nuclear natural disasters war chemical and biological weapons finding food and water

Whether you’re concerned about localized disasters or an end-of-civilization catastrophe, YOU CAN SURVIVE the Very Worst Manmade and Natural Disasters tells you not only how to survive, but how to survive it in style.


Easy-to-read chapters offer information you’ll find nowhere else, with practical instructions covering everything from dealing with the next super storm, to living through to a government collapse, to surviving terrorist attacks and war.


Chapter after chapter, you’ll discover detailed, lifesaving advice and tips including:


* Ways to feed your family (for just pennies a day) even if the stores are closed.


* How to heat your home even when the gas and electricity are out.


* Methods to protect your loved ones from rioters and looters when the police are nowhere to be found.


* Secrets for finding food and water during an emergency (in both urban and rural settings).


* How to improvise decontamination kits for countering chemical and biological agents.


* Where to buy the quality survival gear you might need.


* How to deal with the highly contagious plagues that often appear in the aftermath of disasters (including how to care for victims of such diseases).


* Ways to travel in the aftermath of disaster (including how to defeat roadblocks and avoid being forced off the road).


* How to prepare for all sorts of disasters – without spending a fortune.


You’ll also discover ways to minimize damage to your home and belongings before an earthquake, storm, or other natural disaster as well as what you must do after such events to quickly recover and remain safe.


This manual also covers subjects not generally found in similar books (and often overlooked by preppers and survivalists) – but which could spell the difference between life and death. Included are ways to determine whether chemical or biological weapons have been used in an area (so you can avoid becoming contaminated), how to properly dispose of human waste (to avoid the spread of disease), and even how to deal with dead bodies. Page after page offers a wealth of survival information that could save your life during an emergency.

The author also gives realistic assessments of:


* The best defensive firearms (and which are less effective).


* Why precious metals might be a poor investment during a disaster – and what items could become invaluable for post-disaster barter society.


* When “bugging out” might be a good strategy – and when it would likely be a fatal mistake.


* What equipment and gear might be essential for you to weather out various disasters.


YOU CAN SURVIVE also contains large sections on how to build shelters to protect yourself from chemical, biological, and even nuclear weapons (including improvised, dirt-cheap shelters), and ways to minimize your risk if you’re caught in the open when the unthinkable happens, whether in the form of a terrorist’s “dirty bomb” or a nuclear explosion from a missile exchange between nations.


Always with an eye toward saving you money, YOU CAN SURVIVE offers a comprehensive assessment of the equipment you need to prepare for the worst – and also explains why you may not need some gear that’s often recommended by some authorities.


You’ll also learn practical tricks for everyday survival including how to handle medical emergencies (even when there’s no doctor available), how to avoid being targeted by criminals (whether kidnappers, burglars, or muggers), and a wealth of tricks for crime-proofing your home and business.


YOU CAN SURVIVE the Very Worst Manmade and Natural Disasters will enable you to deal with the unexpected and protect your loved ones. Currently selling at a low price so many readers as possible can access this lifesaving information, there’ll never be a better time to buy this manual.


Now available in Kindle (with print and other ebook formats soon to follow).


Purchase YOU CAN SURVIVE the Very Worst Manmade and Natural Disasters now so you can prepare for tomorrow’s disasters – because it may be later than you think!

About the author:


Duncan Long is America’s foremost survival / prepper author, writing survival books and articles since the late 1970s. His articles have appeared in American Survival Guide, the Journal of American Civil Defense, and Modern Survival Magazine among others.


Long has authored 60-plus how-to and firearms manuals with Paladin Press, Delta Press, Lyons Press/Globe Pequot, and other publishers. Some of his technical manuals have even made their way to the private libraries of the CIA, US Marines, FEMA, the FBI's Firearms Training Unit, and other government agencies.


Excerpts from his books and technical drawings have also appeared in US Congressional hearings.


The author is known for his writing abilities, making complicated subjects easy and even enjoyable for readers to follow. He has packed his decades of hands-on experience into this manual.

You and your loved ones can survive the very worst...

Copyright © by Duncan Long. All rights reserved.

Purchase YOU CAN SURVIVE the Very Worst Manmade and Natural Disasters now to protect yourself and your loved ones from tomorrow’s disasters – because it may be later than you think!

“Duncan Long is one of the two best writers on this planet on preparedness and survival topics.” – Kevin Swingle, Kevin Swindle Preparedness Newsletter