The Rapture, Gog, and Hanukkah Puzzle

A bit of brainstorming that may be of interest to Christians and perhaps Jewish readers as well. We've found some interesting links in the Bible between Hanukkah and the Gog and Magog invasion of Israel (as outlined in the Old Testament). It's rather lengthy and a little rugged around the edges -- not my best writing. But I think the ideas are of merit so I'm putting this out in the "rough draft version."


Are We Nearing the End Times?

You may not agree with all that's here, but I guarantee it will make you think. This religious article is not for the faint at heart (or, then again, maybe it is...).


Rapture - or the Tribulation

This article gives an overview of how the ideas about the End Times are linked to the Old Testament and Jewish tradition in this article. Unfortunately most Gentiles are ignorant of these important connections.


The Truth About Evolution

The theory of evolution is full of holes and things aren't as clear cut as the mainstream press and pseudo-scientists would have you believe.


Our Miracle

Our household has had a wild and wonderful experience. I felt I had to spread the news about our true tale.

Religious Articles

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