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Masthead for author/artist Duncan Long's book and illustration home page about his graphic novels, book cover artwork, and magazine illustrations.


Duncan Long has created book cover artwork and illustrations for HarperCollins, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Muse, American Media, Ilex, ISFiC Press, Moonstone Books, Amazing Stories, Enslow Publishers, and many other small presses, indie publishers, and self-publishing book authors. He has been selected by the Collaborative Summer Library Program as a featured illustrator for 2013.

Here’s what they’re saying about Duncan’s artwork and book illustrations:


"Duncan Long is the real deal. I'd purchase books that he has illustrated the cover for, even if having no intention of reading it! It's amazing that a person can portray imagination that vividly!" – Dan Hagerty, Mercenary Graphics


“Duncan Long’s concept illustrations for Werewolves of New Idria have brought the characters to life.... If the story should move to the screen, Duncan's beautiful renditions of the Werewolves of New Idria will have been instrumental in it having done so.” – John Chadwell (coauthor of Werewolves of New Idria with Ron Shusett, writer/creator of Alien, Total Recall, etc.)


“We’re privileged to know who we think are the two best graphic artists in the entire world, not just the country, the world. One of them... is Mr. Duncan Long.” — Talk show host Victor Thorn, Wing TV


“To call him a prolific artist would be understatement, at best. Get yourself a snack and settle back while Duncan takes you on a wild ride through worlds only he has dreamt of.” — Reviewer, “Time, Space and Duncan Long,” 3D Millennium, M3 Corporation, Inc.


“It would be a complete understatement to say that Duncan Long is a pleasure to work with.  His engaging sense of humor and astonishing creative abilities made my book cover art experience a joy.  For my second novel, Lead Me Not Into Temptation, I believe that Duncan created one of the most interesting and provocative pieces of book art that I’ve seen in a long time.  I can’t wait to see what he can do for my next book!” – Dale Allan, author.


Although better known as a freelance magazine and book illustrator, Duncan started his career in the publishing business as a writer/illustrator putting 13 novels into print (HarperCollins, Avon Books) as well as nearly 80 non-fiction technical books.

This time spent in the publishing business, seeing it from the author’s side of things as well as that of an illustrator, gives Duncan great insight into the ins and outs of the business, and enables him to make suggestions and give advice that often proves invaluable. And for those new to publishing, the good news is that Duncan is as willing to work for self-publishing authors and small publishers as he is for established presses. This enables those new to publishing to take advantage of quality book cover illustrations with their very first titles.   

You can see many of Duncan’s best book cover illustrations and magazine artwork at the links to the left, including recent book cover artwork, book illustrations, and graphic design artwork for books, magazine covers, and book dust jackets. You can even find information about his novels and non-fiction books, as well as music he’s written.

Artwork and illustrations are sorted according to genre with galleries devoted to science fiction artwork, fantasy illustrations, mystery covers, etc.


Book cover artwork for Dale Allan's novel; art by book cover illustrator Duncan Long.
Book cover artwork for Douglas E Richard action-adventure book; art by book artist and illustrator Duncan Long.
Cover artwork for Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine by artist/illustrator Duncan Long.
Horror book artwork by cover artist and horror illustrator Duncan Long.

Readers judge books by their covers. Duncan Long creates the quality book cover art and illustrations that will help you sell your book.

Copyright © 2009 - 2016 by book author and book cover illustrator and graphic designer Duncan Long. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any manner of text, book cover illustrations, book graphic design, or magazine or book artwork on this page or the pages it links to is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from writer/illustrator Duncan Long. All book illustrations, graphic art, and layout for books, ebooks, book cover art, book cover illustrations, short stories, electronic music, and other creations except where otherwise noted have been created by writer/illustrator Duncan Long. Some material including magazine illustrations, graphic novel art, and book artwork, CD illustrations, posters and paintings, and book cover illustrations may also have rights licensed and be in use as book illustrations and graphic design art on book covers by other authors or presses, or may be in licensed used as illustrations in magazines and graphic novels, or for illustrating CD covers by other publishers and books by self-published writers. All artwork, illustrations, music, and text may be subject to copyright agreement between the book cover artist and the party or parties purchasing rights to magazine, CD or book illustrations. No artwork or articles may be used without prior written agreement with writer/illustrator Duncan Long or his representatives.

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Graphic novel art and illustrations painted for Werewolves of New Idria by illustrator Duncan Long
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