What Authors and Publishers Say About Duncan Long:

“Working with Duncan encompassed much more than just hiring a brilliant and creative artist to produce our book cover. It was an intuitive and telepathic journey.... We were stunned and spellbound with the end result. The entire book layout was perfect. If talent wasn't enough, add to this a funny, friendly, patient, and easy-to-work-with guy who goes much further than the extra mile to make his clients happy. We will never use anyone else for our future book covers.” – Kerry D. King, Unicorn Castle Books, publisher of HIM.


John Chadwell (author of  Werewolves of New Idria; screenplay by Chadwell and Ron Shusett, writer/creator of Alien, Total Recall, etc.) wrote, “Duncan Long’s concept illustrations for Werewolves of New Idria have brought the characters to life for readers and myself as I write new adventures for this family of werewolves and holy warriors throughout their 900-year history. If the story should move to the screen, Duncan's beautiful renditions of the Werewolves of New Idria will have been instrumental in it having done so.”  


Mindy MacKay, author of Peacebreakers wrote, “Not only did Duncan Long do an amazing job on my cover, but he was a great pleasure to work with.  He kept me informed every step of the way and made inspiring suggestions that really led to a striking cover.  I highly recommend his work.”


R. L. Brush, author of Jesse Steele and the Secret of Otherworld, noted, “As a first time author, I’ve found several things about the self-publishing world to be very daunting, but the one thing that went as smoothly as silk, was the creation of my book’s cover artwork, thanks to Duncan Long. He walked me through the entire production process and set me totally at ease. He was fast and courteous, and always kept me informed every step of the way.  And of course, his artwork is phenomenal! He will definitely be doing the art for the next two books in my trilogy!”


“It would be a complete understatement to say that Duncan Long is a pleasure to work with.  His engaging sense of humor and astonishing creative abilities made my book cover art experience a joy.  For my second novel, Lead Me Not Into Temptation, I believe that Duncan created one of the most interesting and provocative pieces of book art that I’ve seen in a long time.  I can’t wait to see what he can do for my next book!” – Dale Allan, author of Lead Me Not Into Temptation.


“To call Duncan Long a book illustrator may well be an understatement – Duncan is an extremely gifted artist.  Not only did he do a fantastic job for the artwork on my novel, AI Offspring – but he was also an absolute pleasure to work with and a total professional.

His artistic vision and artisanship is evident in the reaction I get from people who gawk at my book cover.  I fully plan to use Duncan for future projects and highly recommend him to anyone looking for original and breathtaking artwork.” – A J Vega, author of science fiction novel, AI Offspring.


J.A. Holst, the author of The Adventures of Glinda Gale wrote, “Duncan promptly deliveded a few ideas and in a matter of days he turned the ideas into a wonderful cover. I appreciated Duncan's attention to detail and the quickness in which he responded to my emails.... The book cover exhibits simplicity of design, as well as being eye-catching to potential buyers.”


Mark Mozden wrote, “Duncan Long did a fantastic job creating a cover for my new novel, The Omega Point. A key attribute he brings to the table is a thorough understanding of both the mechanics and the market, for books and book covers. His inputs (on many things I did not realize) were a great help in our joint cover-design process. Additionally, he worked quickly, and was able to generate multiple versions of each idea, greatly speeding up the whole process. I highly recommend him!”


Author Phil Genovese, Jr., wrote this about the book cover and layout work I did for his novel The Grandfather Clause: “Duncan made the process of developing my cover painless, if not fun. I had some initial ideas and Duncan went to work, giving them life beyond my greatest expectations. He kept me involved and informed through every step of the process, sharing his ideas, sending me images, and welcoming my input. Duncan worked long and tirelessly until he had a cover that we both could be proud of.... I highly recommend Duncan Long, not only for his artistry and professionalism, but also for his unforgiving commitment to his own very high standards of excellence. Beyond that, I think you’ll meet a great guy and make a good friend along the way.”


Gordon Rodgers at Longbeard Press, LLC, wrote, “Duncan, thanks for a fabulous cover. I could not be more pleased. The artwork is fantastic, and the layout and colors make it even better. I appreciate all the great ideas and suggestions you made, and that were incorporated into the design. I now have a cover that will definitely catch the eye of those who see it! I look forward to working with you in the future for covers on other books I intend to publish.”

“Duncan's sincere enthusiasm for designing a cover for my novel was re-energizing. Throughout the whole process, he was prompt, encouraging, and patient. Although I had a basic idea (a solitary figure), he walked me through several versions before coming up with a totally different and beautiful conception (the final cover). I would certainly contact him in the future, and highly recommend him to my fellow writers.” – Duane Kolilis, author of Henshin.


R. Thomas Roe, author of The Gaelic Letters wrote, “I very fortunately selected Duncan Long to do the cover for my new novel.... Throughout the process, Duncan was there when I called, responded immediately to my emails, was very helpful, had excellent suggestions, and his artwork was outstanding. What more can you ask for?  I had the definite impression that Duncan was taking a very personal interest in my project and  in seeing that his high standards were carried through in all aspects of the final cover design.  I recommend Duncan highly to anyone who wants a unique cover for their novel.”


“I feel lucky that Mermaid Press paired me with such a talented artist. Everyone without fail seems to agree: The art on both covers is amazing.” – Dora Machado, author of the Stonewiser trilogy: The Heart of the Stone, The Call of the Stone, and The Lament of the Stone.


“I'd prefer using your art other than another artist. Your work is much more intense, and creative.” – Mike Palevo, publisher of The Feasts of the Lord, and Their Fulfillment by Frank Febus.


“If a picture can sell a book, I believe this wonderful imagery will achieve its purpose.” – Michael L. Samuel, author of Birth and Rebirth Through Genesis.


Rudolf Waldner, author of Marketing from the Trenches wrote about the book cover Duncan did for Karl Lenker’s best-selling Final Trumpet: “In a word, WOW! As a marketer, the cover "pops.” And the author added, “I get lots of enthusiastic compliments on the cover! Can't wait for you to do the next one!”


R. Scott Taylor wrote about the cover I did for his novel Stingy Jack, “People here are flipping over the cover... (and I do think it's a major selling point with them).... [Long is] reliable, accommodating, informative. These are the words used to described one of the industry's finest artists.”


Horror book author Kurt Newton wrote, “Duncan Long captures both dream and nightmare with such accuracy one would swear he has developed a way to photograph what lies within the human imagination.... People still comment on the cover for Dark Demons, by the way. Some find it difficult to look at... maybe because it's looking back!”


Armin Hammer author of Purpose Driven Disaster wrote, “I searched the web for book cover designers, and looked at a lot of people's work. I was most impressed with the artwork of Duncan Long. I felt it was head and shoulders above what most cover designers were doing.”


Paul M. Strickler, author of The Calling wrote, “I have received a number of compliments on your cover art. It truly is striking. My publicist says she knows the cover alone has sold several books. She was reading the book the other day when a complete stranger came up and asked what it was – the cover had piqued her interest!”


Dindy Robinson, managing editor/owner of Swimming Kangaroo Books, wrote, “The cover Duncan did for Lightning Days is very striking and attracts a lot of attention. It conveys the tone of the book perfectly! He is prompt, professional and pleasant to work with.”


Robert Fripp, the author of Power of a Woman. Memoirs of a turbulent life: Eleanor of Aquitaine, wrote, “Duncan Long did a great job, bringing Eleanor of Aquitaine to life! I needed her portrait to illustrate my cover for Eleanor's memoirs. Using a photo of a twelfth century carved bust for reference, Duncan transformed cold stone to warm flesh, thereby giving the modern world the first realistic portrait of this astonishing woman.”


“After months of searching many illustration companies, I finally stumbled upon Duncan's web site. The initial contact and all subsequent conversations I had with Duncan was pleasant, making the whole illustration process immensely fun. When he got a grasp of what I wanted, he brought about suggestions that improved upon the original idea. The final cover was significantly better than what I wanted. In the end, I did hire Duncan for his imagination. What he created could not be better described than ‘beautiful.’” – Daryl Readman, author of the science fiction novel Reincarnated: A Life of Choice.  


People will judge your book by its cover, forming an opinion about the merits of your book by its cover illustration. That means good graphics are essential if you want to be taken seriously by potential readers.


Duncan Long can supply the quality book cover you need. He’s created book illustrations for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Delirium Books, Solomon Press, Ballistic Media, American Media, Fort Ross, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, and many small publishers.


Author John Phillip Backus wrote, ”When searching for the perfect cover art for Hunter - After The Fall, Book One, I was extremely fortunate to be directed to Duncan Long’s website. There I discovered the consummate artwork for Hunter’s cover and called up to leave a message, much to my surprise, Duncan picked up the phone and we spoke at length, soon coming to an agreement regarding the book cover rights to his amazing work.


“From then on, it was a pure pleasure interacting with Duncan. He is always available, and has answered many technical questions and given expert advice way beyond the call of duty, on a range of subjects relative to getting his artwork into a proper format for printing, answering various publishing questions I had, etc.


“Duncan’s assistance throughout the process, both as a source of technical data, and through his publishing industry savvy (he has personally authored close to 100 fiction and non-fiction written works on a myriad of subjects) have been invaluable in helping bring the project to fruition. He further produced a thematic element that I used on each chapter heading throughout the book (an awesome scalable crossbow image), and now has agreed to produce the cover art for the second book in the series.


“Since Hunter- After The Fall was released in early August 2010, we have received hundreds of positive comments and enthusiastic feedback from readers and others in the publishing industry regarding Duncan Long’s incredible cover art. Without a doubt, his artwork has been instrumental in getting us into bookstores and other outlets across the web.


“As an author, the book cover is always the first impression potential readers will have of my work, and I could not be more pleased at the impact Duncan Long’s art is having on my own success.


“Thanks, again, Mr. Long, for your wonderful talent and willingness to make yourself available to your clients!”




In 2009, the book cover illustration Duncan created for Dora Machado’s Stonewiser: The Heart of the Stone (Mermaid Press) helped the book become a finalist in ForeWord's Book of the Year Award in the Science Fiction / Fantasy category and also helped it win the IBPA’s Benjamin Franklin Award for best debut fiction novel.


Duncan’s illustration appeared on the cover of Digital Artwork for the 21st Century (Artists’ and Photographers’ Press Ltd./HarperCollins); Locus Magazine designated this book its “Editor's Choice,” noting that the Long’s illustration made a “handsome cover.”


“We're privileged to know who we think are the two best graphic artists in the entire world, not just the country, the world. One of them... is Mr. Duncan Long.” –Talk-show host Victor Thorn, Wing TV.


“To call him a prolific artist would be understatement, at best. Get yourself a snack and settle back while Duncan takes you on a wild ride through worlds only he has dreamt of.” – Reviewer, “Time, Space and Duncan Long,” 3D Millennium, M3 Corp.



Copyright © by Duncan Long. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any manner of text, book cover illustrations, book cover graphic designs, or book cover graphic artwork on this page or the pages it links to is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from illustrator Duncan Long. All book cover illustrations, graphic design, ebooks, book cover graphic art and other creations, except where otherwise noted, have been created by Duncan Long. Some material may also have rights sold and used as book cover illustrations and book cover graphic design art and inner illustrations in books, magazines, or as CD album cover illustrations.

Graphic design and book cover illustration by Graphic Artist Duncan Long.
Graphic design and book cover illustration by Graphic Artist Duncan Long.
Graphic design and book cover illustration by Graphic Artist Duncan Long.
R Tom Row's The Gaelic Letters book cover designed and illustrated by Duncan Long
Book cover artwork and cover design by book cover illustrator Duncan Long
Book cover illustration artwork and book cover design by book cover illustrator and designer  Duncan Long
Book cover illustration artwork and book cover design by book cover illustrator and designer  Duncan Long
Book cover illustration artwork and book cover design by book cover illustrator and designer  Duncan Long
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spacer for book illustrator and book graphic design artist Duncan Long's page of links to his book illustrations, graphic design artwork, CD album cover artwork, and magazine illustrations.
spacer for book illustrator and book graphic design artist Duncan Long's page of links to his book illustrations, graphic design artwork, CD album cover artwork, and magazine illustrations.