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Writer/illustrator Duncan Long has over 100 books in print including a nine-book action/adventure series (the Night Stalkers, HarperCollins), a science fiction novel Anti-Grav Unlimited (Avon), and Spider Worlds (HarperCollins). Additional titles are being published by the new Duncan Long Publications publishing house.


Other of Long’s books are non-fiction, with more than a few found in the private libraries of the CIA, US Marines, FEMA, and other US agencies as well as the private library of at least one foreign embassy and the EPC (Emergency Planning, Canada). The FBI has requested that his firearms manuals be sent to their FTU (Firearms Training Unit) at Quantico. Long authored three training manuals for the International Correspondence Schools' courses (for the detective training and gunsmithing courses).

Long often acts as a source for news reporters, and has been featured on radio and TV shows. For a short while was radio host of the Duncan Long Show.