The Ruger Redhawk Revolver

By Duncan Long

Sturm Ruger Redhawk revolver

Sturm, Ruger & Companys double-action Redhawk models are built around Ruger's first double-action revolvers (the now- discontinued "Security Six", "Police Six", and "Speed Six"). While the other revolvers in this series have since been replaced by the GP100 and SP101 series of guns, the Redhawk continues to be in the Sturm, Ruger & Company catalog, in part because it fills a niche that the other guns sold by the company don't yet fill. That said, the Super Redhawk is usurping some of the sales once enjoyed by the Redhawk; nevertheless, many shooters prefer the Redhawk over its newer competitor for the simple reason that the Redhawk is a more compact gun that can therefore be more easily carried in a holster.

The Redhawk is designed with both the silhouette shooter and hunter in mind. The "R" models come with integral scope mounts cut into the top rib of their barrels along with two 1-inch scope rings; this makes putting a scope on these guns a snap. The company also offers interchangeable front sights and replacement rear sights to give shooters an optimum sight picture.

As with other Ruger guns, the Redhawk is built to take all the punishment the .44 Magnum cartridge dishes out. The barrel has a large thread that increases the wall thickness where it enters the frame and the frame itself has been beefed up around the cylinder to guarantee tight specs even after heavy use.

The Redhawk doesn't have the rubberized grip or heavy weight of Rugers Super Redhawk or GP-100. But the Redhawk is compact and for that reason appeals to many shooters wanting a lightweight revolver chambered in .44 Magnum.

Model Length Weight <Unloaded> Barrel Length
RH-445 (blued) 11" 3.06 lbs. 5.5"
KRH-445 (stainless) 11" 3.06 lbs. 5.5"
RH-44 (blued) 13" 3.38 lbs. 7.5"
KRH-44 (stainless) 13" 3.38 lbs. 7.5"
RH-44R (rings, blued) 13" 3.38 lbs. 7.5"
KRH-44R (rings,stainless) 13" 3.38 lbs. 7.5"

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