Do You Really Want a Smart Gun?

Although on the surface the idea of a smart gun that can only be used by its owner seems attractive, in fact it is an idea that could prove deadly for many who buy into it. This article shows how criminals, terrorists, or others could take advantage of smart guns to disarm those owning them. It also reveals why smart gun legislation could be gun control laws in disguise.


Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

If you're a pacifist, you'd best skip this article. If you're unsure about whether or not you have a moral right, or even a duty to defend yourself, then this article may be of help to you.  


The Right Stuff

Don't confuse this one with the movie -- they're not about the same subject. No space stuff here; all down to earth. By a long shot, so to speak. This article appeared in Guns and Action back in 1985 and tells how to "travel light" with a combat rifle when you're out in the woods -- and perhaps facing potential enemies.


Yanks, Gun Control, and Freedom

Here's an article with something to offend almost anyone. Read it only if you have a thick skin.


Gunsmoke and Mirrors

There are some very basic facts about the US school shootings that the gun grabbers in the mainstream press, the US congress, and the White House would prefer you did not know. This article reveals the truth.


That Was No Accident

Ever wonder why the gun grabbers want your firearms, given the fact that arms in the hands of honest citizens prevent crime? Or did you ever feel that it was odd that all the genocides in the 20th Century started with gun control? This article brings it all together and reveals the secret agenda behind the movement to disarm the American public.


AK47 Rifle

One version or another of this rifle has been adopted the militaries of about half the world. This rifle has also generally been found in the hands of terrorists overseas. The AK47 is inexpensive to make, robust, and very reliable. (This is the article CNN was recommending to its viewers for a time, causing quite an uptick in traffic.)


AR-15 and US Military M16 Rifles

The AR-15 and M16 rifles have become the popular military rifles in the West. Because of the innate accuracy of this gun, it's also popular with target shooters and those who value quality engineering. Although its design can be traced back to the 1950s, it was "ahead of its time" and is going to be "state of the art" right into the next century. This article explains why.


Daisy 600 Sniper Rifle

This gun fires the .50-caliber BMG cartridge and can hit a target from a mile away. It's quite possibly used by US Special Forces, the FBI HRT team and others -- no one will say for sure.


Desert Eagle .50-Caliber Pistol

This is a real "hand cannon." This gun often shows up in action/adventure movies. It looks impressive -- especially in its .50-caliber version which fires a bullet a half inch in diameter.


US Military M1/M2/M3 Carbines

The M1 Carbine "saved the day" for the US military during WWII. These guns were churned out by American factories in greater numbers than ever before -- or since. In the field, the gun was both loved and hated by American troops.


H&K MP-5 Submachine Gun

This German-made submachine gun has become the first choice for hostage rescue teams, elite troops, and police forces worldwide. Read this article to see why.


Ingram M-10 Submachine Gun

Designed to replace the handgun during the Vietnam War, the Ingram M-10 and its spin-offs proved to be more popular on the silver screen then they were in the field. Nevertheless this weapon has earned a reputation that makes it both feared and respected around the world.


Ruger Redhawk Revolver

This revolver is both inexpensive and super durable. Made with hi-tech machining methods, it's a popular gun with both hunters and those who want a powerful defensive handgun.


Backpack Fever

An article from 1989 which addresses the notion of “heading for the hills” and living off the land as a survival strategy during a widespread disaster.

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