Free ebook downloads Edgar Allan Poe Eleonora and Raven

To celebrate the Halloween season, I’m offering a free ebook of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Eleonora” (which I did the cover and inner illustrations for as well as the layout).

Please feel free to share the ebook or the link to it with your friends. And if you want to offer it for free from your website to help celebrate Halloween, that’s fine, too.

And if you missed it last year, you can also download my illustrated version of Poe’s “The Raven”. (And feel free to share it as well.)

Finally, for you folks that like spooky coincidences, the address for this blog is “” — with 1842 just happening to be the year that “Eleonora” was first printed… I made no effort to post with this number. Simply happened (cue frightening background music, please).


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