Self portrait of book illustrator Duncan Long for Werewolve of New Idria from Moonstone Books.

I was recently asked if I had hidden a self-portrait anywhere in Moonstone Books’ upcoming The Werewolves of New Idria.

The answer (as you can see above) is yes. I did smuggle a picture of myself into the graphic novel (the picture above is low-resolution; the print version should have about 4 times as much hideous detail).

While folks who know me well will recognize my noggin as the basis for these two head shots, I must stress that it is not precise in every detail as a self portrait.

But it is pretty accurate with the teeth.

Spoiler Alert: Obviously the police will have little trouble with the ID of my corpse if they go with my dental records.

Duncan Long is the graphic novel illustrator for Moonstone Books’ The Werewolves of New Idria. Duncan has also illustrated book covers for PS Publishing, Pocket Books, HarperCollins, and many self-published authors. See more of Duncan’s book cover artwork and graphic novel illustrations at: Duncan’s Book Cover Illustrations and Graphic Novel Artwork