By the Moons' Alignment -  Duncan Long book cover illustration artwork

By the Moons' Alignment - Illustration by Duncan Long

Another three illustrations my flying monkeys and I created during our leisure time this weekend. As usual, these were all three created for my own enjoyment, but with the hope of eventually selling them as well as to round out my portfolio with a few new pieces of artwork.

Interplanetary Travelers book cover illustration by Duncan Long

Interplanetary Travelers an illustration by Duncan Long

Originally I was going to place a star cluster in each of these three pictures, along with one or more crescent moons. However it was becoming a little much by the third picture, so the star cluster became a magical Luna moth. Or at least it looks magical to me. If it pulls a rabbit from a hat, we’ll know.

The Luna Moth - Duncan Long book cover artowrk illustration

The Luna Moth - an illustration by Duncan Long

As this is written, all three of these illustrations has all rights available including book and magazine cover rights. It will be interesting to see who will give these nice puppies a home.

In the meantime, it’s time to get back to working on book covers that I’m actually under contract to produce.

Duncan Long illustrates magazines and books. You can see more of his artwork at Duncan Long’s Magazine and Book Cover Portfolio