Another round of articles that try to look into the future of publishing… And one with thoughts about the proper price for an eBook and another on which is better for text, Serif or Sans Serif (the answer is not as simple as you might think):

The Book Publishing Industry of the Future: It’s All About Content

The future of Books, Today

Short Cuts: Will the Marketplace Bring an End to New Literary Books?

Book Business Outlook For 2012: Hard Work Ahead

What’s the Right Price for Ebooks?

Which Typeface Is More Legible, Serif or Sans Serif?

Duncan Long has worked for several decades as a writer/illustrator during which time he’s had 13 novels published. He’s also created over 1,000 book and magazine illustrations for HarperCollins, Asimov Science Fiction Magazine, The Sun, ILEX, and self publishing authors. You can explore many of Long’s book illustrations online at: Duncan’s Illustration Portfolio