Book cover illustration by artist Duncan Long

Barnes and Noble as well as Books-A-Million fired warning shots across the bow of It appears that since blocked sales of Nook titles, Barnes and Noble returned the favor by blocking sales of titles, with Books-A-Million jumping into the fray as well. What’s a little unclear is what all is banned by each side, and whether a white flag will be waved by all sides if the bans of rival products are dropped. I’m betting that everyone will be selling all products before too long. However if there is a battle, likely the larger galleon that is will prevail.

See more here: Barnes & Noble: We Will Not Carry Amazon Publishing Titles In Our Stores. And here: Books-A-Million Won’t Carry Amazon Titles, Either

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An Open Letter to Barnes and Nobles gives some nice insight into the current transition from large publishers and agents controlling the publishing industry to the wide open markets being created by self-publishing authors and small presses.

Half the fight in getting accepted as a self publisher is creating a product that looks professional. Without that, most readers say, “No thank you” and move on to another title. Here’s a blog post that gives a nice wrap up and how to make a professional-looking product: The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing a Book that Doesn’t Suck.

Here are a few experts with thoughts about the future of publishing print books and magazines: Looking Ahead: What Will Become of Print (By 2017)?

And finally, some thoughts on “Lean Publishing.”

Duncan Long watches the publishing industry going ons with horror. When distracted, he illustrates book and magazine covers for self-publishing authors as well as HarperCollins, Paladin, Asimov Science Fiction Magazine, Pocket Books, ILEX, and others. See more of Long’s illustrations at: Duncan’s Book Illustration Gallery