Waiting for the Ark - Book cover picture by illustrator Duncan Long

Here are a few articles that may be of help to those wanting to self-publish their books:

Do you want to self-publish or go with a vanity press — and what are the differences? Self-Publishing & Vanity Publishing: Confuse Them and Pay the Price

Type Size and Leading, White Space and Page Color

Book Design Basics Part 1: Margins and Leading

Book Design Basics Part 2: Optical Margins, Indents and Periods

Book Design Basics Part 3: Running The Numbers

Book Design Basics Part 4: Dashes, Hyphens and Dots

Book Design Basics Part 5: Small Capitals – Avoiding Capital Offenses

And perhaps a little inspiration for writers:

Tips On Writing a Trilogy

Duncan Long is a book designer and writer/illustrator whose books (and illustrations) have been published by HarperCollins, Paladin Press, Moonstone Books, Enslow Publishers, and others. You can see more of his work at DuncanLong.com