Duncan Long - master of illustration

Well, every once in a while a serious ego-stroke comes down the pike. And this cover article of the March Pen & Profit$ magazine has to be one of those. Just the “Master of Illustration” part of the title does the trick without reading another word, right?

On the flip side, it is a tad hard to maintain even a smidgen of decorum or pretend humbleness when posting this news. Yet how could I ever resist?

Aimed at authors wanting to make money in the writing game, the magazine is surprisingly graphic and enjoyable to leaf through — unlike the majority of literary magazines that are for the most part columns of text with a drab cover tacked on. So this is a welcome change.

Likewise the layout is playful and eye-appealing — it’s obvious no little effort went into it and there are some nice embellishments that are a pleasure to see for an old layout guy like me (I’ve displayed low-resolution versions of the pages below, even though they don’t really do the print version justice in this case). Even the reproductions of my paintings have been thoughtfully positioned (and in some cases with just a hint of floral design and shadows to set them off — beautiful layout).

But the magazine is more than eye appeal. Pen & Profit$ is chuck full of interesting and insightful articles. If you’re a writer wanting to get serious about your craft, you’d do well to subscribe to this magazine to learn some new as well as the old essentials for getting into print. You can learn more about this publication at the magazine’s website: Pen & Profit$ web site.

Duncan Long - Master of Illustration 2

Duncan Long - Master of Illustration 3

Duncan Long - Master of Illustration 4

Duncan Long - Master of Illustration 5