Science Fiction novel Dance of the Warrior and Witch with book cover design by Duncan Long

I’m happy to announce that Martha Fawcett’s novel Dance of the Warrior and Witch is now available in paperback format and Kindle.

If you like science fiction, you’re going to enjoy this novel. Here’s a blurb:

What are the cosmic forces that draw people together? Is it a karmic dance of yin and yang? Or, is it the yearning within each soul that longs to heal the ills of the past?

When the Gathosian beauty, Iosobell, joins the order of Trinity Witches, her psychic skills astound her tutor, Sister Viobella.

Four years later, mentors and peers alike assume that Iosobell will continue her studies on New Delphi and become a high priestess; however, she shocks everyone and accepts a modest position as a music teacher on the small, Headwater planet of Sutcay Tay. Élan is 15 years old when he first kneels before the Shardasko master, Kyron, and begs for acceptance into the Sutcay Tay School.

Intrigued with the possibilities of mentoring a Human, Kyron accepts Élan as a neophyte. Now, Élan is 22 years old and prepared to undergo the final life-and-death test of a Shardasko warrior, the quarrying. When Élan and Iosobell meet, the skills of a warrior and the cunning of a witch will join forces in an attempt to alter the course of reality.

The ramifications of their encounter are so enormous that even these two advanced beings cannot predict what the final outcome may be.

This is the third book cover I’ve created for Fawcett. The first cover I did was for Together (book two of the Janaforma trilogy) which is also available form in print and kindle formats.

Together science fiction novel illustration by Duncan Long

Finally, I also created the cover for Fawcett’s third book in the Janaforma trilogy, One. And it’s also available in print and Kindle formats.

One - sci-fi book cover art by Duncan Long

There’s a lot of good reading in each these books. If you’re a science fiction fan, be sure to read the free previews of the stories at Amazon. And be prepared to be hooked!

Duncan Long is a science fiction book cover artist. See more of his illustrations in his Science Fiction Artwork Gallery.