Final cover layout with illustrations by Duncan Long

Jimm Grogan’s science fiction novel Negative Zero is now in print and available at The print and iBook versions of it should be out next week.

Creating the illustration for Grogan’s book was a lot of fun because one of the characters is a lot like an Earth octopus — with hair and the ability to talk and operate equipment. Plus he is linked via holographic communicator. How much fun is that?

Here’s my concept artwork for the character:

Character concept picture for science fiction novel

Our original concept had a more distant view of the bridge of the spaceship. “Zooming in” brought more detail and more connection with the characters. (I have come to believe that you can almost never get “too close” to a character with a book cover illustration.) We also got rid of the base of the holograph projector since it looked like another chair with problems of some sort.

The final version is above… Here’s the earlier version of the cover:

Original spaceship layout for science fiction novel Negative Zero

If you enjoy a great science fiction adventure, check out Negative Zero.