Science fiction novel ebook cover for Kindle

The Kindle version of Anthony Pacheco’s science fiction novel The Wælcyrie Murders is now available for pre-order from Amazon. The ebook will be available on January 30, 2015.

The Wælcyrie Murders is book two in the Lexus Toulouse science fiction/mystery series. Here’s a bit about the plot:

Out of the Gifford-Pinchot Forest stumbles a wælcyrie, shot with irradiated bullets and radiation poisoned unto death. To kill a wælcyrie, a slowly dying species engineered by humans in the war to help them fight is an unforgivable, vile crime. Lexus vows to bring the killer to justice, even if she has to go undercover in one of the worst places she can imagine: high school.

As the blurb suggests, the book is clever but also often emotionally moving. And full of unforgettable characters. (I’ve finished book one in the series — Armageddon’s Princess — also available from Amazon — and liked it very much. Imagine Robert Heinlein at his best, with more sophisticated humor, and some seriously hi-tech gear, and you’ll have a good feel for these stories. Yes, they’re fantastic!)

The ebook cover is shown above. The print version cover is shown below — I created a wrap-around illustration for the print book, with more of the scene on the spine and back.


You can learn more about the creation of the cover illustration for Anthony Pacheco’s upcoming novel (as well as see some earlier versions of the cover which didn’t make the cut) at my previous blog about the Wælcyrie Murders

Duncan Long is a science fiction novel illustrator and graphic designer. You can see more of his artwork at Duncan Long’s Portfolio.