Still Falling- Martin Wilsey science fiction novel artwork by illustrator Duncan Long

The cover (above) of Martin Wilsey’s new science fiction novel Still Falling. This cover layout¬†is a beautiful example of how cropping can make a dramatic change in the impact of an illustration. While I created the artwork for this cover, I didn’t do the layout — and am quite jealous of the work (ha).

Here’s my¬†original illustration that was submitted for the book cover. Sometimes, cropping is much better than simply lettering over the artwork. Always a good technique to keep in a designer’s bag of tricks.

Somewhere off Deimos science fiction book cover illustration by Duncan Long

You can read a sample chapter and order the book at

Duncan Long is a book illustrator who has done work for many indie authors and small presses as well as HarperCollins, Pocket Books, Asimov’s Science Fiction, and Amazing Stories. See more of his book illustrations at: Duncan Long’s Art Portfolio.