There’s a wealth of how-to material on the Internet. Like everything else on the Net, when it comes to writing fiction, some of the articles are good — some not so much. But here are three articles that have some meat to them when it comes to what makes a good story:

First, an interesting look at the Psychology of What Makes a Great Story — and why a story teller is more concerned with imparting understanding and meaning than logic, with the story functioning on two different planes at the same time. (I’m pretty sure this could be applied to stage plays, film, and paintings as well.)

Writers Digest offers Seven Simple Ways to Make a Good Story Great.

And finally, The Slippery Question of What Makes a Great Book.


When not studying the story telling techniques employed in writing, Duncan Long attempts to tell tales with his illustration work for novels and short stories. You can see examples of his artwork at Duncan Long’s Gallery.