Mountain dreams - Dieselpunk artwork by illustrator Duncan Long

One final installment (for a while) to show off some of my Dieselpunk artwork. The pictures in this post are all artwork created for Stephen Quayle’s Empire Beneath the Ice. Above is the “Dorn” aircraft that the Nazis were working on during the end of WWII (and rumored to have become operational following the war — as detailed in Quayle’s fascinating look at history in his book).

Below is another illustration for Quayle’s book, this one of a US Mustang fighter plane being pursued by the “Foo Fighters” that Allied pilots often saw in the skies over Europe, and which many airmen suspected were secret Nazi flying machines of some sort.

Book Illustration: Foo Fighters following a US Mustang fighter plane

Below is my concept of a battle in Antarctica between Nazi saucers and the US fighter planes that were part of Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s “Operation Highjump” mission in 1947.

UFO air battle with US fighter planes - book art by illustrator Duncan Long

Some of the illustrations I did were designed to show the scale and overall design of Nazi saucers. Below is the “Haunebu II,” displaying the saucer from below, the side, and on a landing field. The addition of soldiers helps provide scale for the viewer.

Haunebu II illustration showing the Nazi saucer from below, a side view in the air, and on a landing field.

Below is another illustration I created of the Haunebu II saucer.

Drawing by illustrator Duncan Long of a 1947-vintage Nazi UFO.

Finally, here’s an illustration I created of a Nazi saucer base in Antarctica. I added a formation of WWII German aircraft in the background to tie it both to history as well as give it more of a past appearance rather than futuristic. The black and white pictures also helped anchor the scene with the past.

Illustration by graphic artist Duncan Long of a Nazi Saucer Base in Antarctica


Duncan Long is a freelance magazine and book cover illustrator. You can see more of his artwork at: Duncan Long’s Book and Magazine Art.