Masque of Red Death - book-illustration by book cover artist and illustrator Duncan Long

Another book illustration from my newly illustrated version of Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death — which can be downloaded for free from Datafilehost (in PDF format).

I also did the book illustrations and graphic design/layout for two other free ebook downloads: Poe’s “Eleonora” and “The Raven.”

Please feel free to share all three books with your friends, post the titles for download, link to them, etc., etc. I enjoy being able to offer these for free — and they serve as a sort of advertisement for my book cover illustration and book artwork business.

Often word-of-mouth advertising brings book cover artwork projects to me, so the more these free ebooks are shared, the more it helps my business (and encourages me to create more free ebooks). So don’t be shy about spreading these three books around to friends and acquaintances.

When not creating his own editions of Poe’s stories and poems, Duncan Long works as a freelance magazine and book illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, ISFiC Press, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. See his book illustrations at: