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3D Modeling and Book and Magazine Cover Art

Over the last couple of years, I’ve shifted from the (digital) painting of figures for book and magazine illustrations to employing 3D models in-house which I then use as references for painting the book cover figure. The big plus of the 3D modeling is that I don’t have to start over should a client say, […]

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Masters of Horror: An Interview With Duncan Long

I have a nice interview at the “Masters of Horror” blogsite. Of course it’s always a relief to have an interview that’s a hatchet job on you (ha). That’s a serious downer. (After several decades in the publishing business, I’ve only been ambushed once in this way — with a radio interview that I discontinued […]

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The Making of The Wolf Tattoo Book Cover

We recently completed the cover for Kenneth Fore’s action adventure novel The Wolf Tattoo. The Synopsis: A man’s impromptu journey into the Alaskan wilderness is life changing when he tangles with a grizzly and an Eskimo woman who thwarts his attempts to escape. She takes him on an unforgettable journey where they must fight wilderness […]

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Save Money with Ready Made Book Cover Art?

Everyone understands that a quality book cover is the new gatekeeper that helps would-be buyers decide whether or not a book is worth spending money on. Put a poor cover illustration on your book and sales will be poor. But what happens if you’re on a very limited budget and can’t afford to hire an […]

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Interview: Book Illustrator and Cover Artist Duncan Long

Here’s a nice interview with my favorite book cover illustrator (me, of course): Portrait of a Book Illustrator: Duncan Long Arguably I’m a bit wordy… Sue Bursztynski only asked four questions, and I spun out the answers to the point that it formed her entire column. Of course you can see more of my book […]

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Cover Artwork for Third Brightstone Saga Completed

Have just added the finishing touches on the cover illustration for the third book in Paul B. Thompson’s Brightstone Saga being marketed by Enslow Publishers. The process was a tad convoluted (and I’ll not bombard viewers with the many variations produced). We had a series of ideas. Originally the concept was to have a werewolf […]

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Stuart Jaffe’s Mystery Novel In Print

I got word today from Stuart Jaffe that his mystery novel Southern Bound is now available for purchase. You can read more about how we created the book cover illustration for this title at my previous blog: Cover Artwork for Stuart Jaffe’s New Mystery Novel. Offering hours of good reading, the book is a part […]

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Terrorists, Nukes, and Other Art Nightmares

Over the last few months, I’ve been creating more “terrorist” covers and recently terrorists with nuclear devices. Arguably this is the ultimate nightmare of our age, only exceeded in the destructive potential of an all-out nuclear exchange or our planet being struck by a large asteroid. I suppose part of the fiction writer’s job is […]

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Crazed Illustrator Crows Over 3 Book Covers

I recently received a box which, after determining that it wasn’t ticking (yes, I have crossed a few art directors in my time), I discovered contained all three mammoth volumes of Lawrence P. White’s Spirit of Empire trilogy. And, yes, the author had kindly signed each one. And it goes without saying that I’m pretty […]

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Illustrating a Fictional Biography of Carl Jung

Many artists and writers are big fans of Carl Jung, in large part because he’s the champion of the hidden dark recesses of the human mind — places where many creative people find themselves in when working on plots, sketches, or other ideas. I’m one of those artists. So when I had a chance to […]

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