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Graphic Novel Style Artwork

I’ve created two graphic novels of sorts (Witches and Fish and The Raven — both available from Amazon.com as well as the artwork for the Werewolves of New Idria written by John Chadwell). However, while these three books meet the requirements of being sequential, telling a story, and being supported by artwork, aren’t in the […]

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Book Cover Artwork Reveal

Here’s my illustration for David Kempf’s new novel (with lettering by Kib Prestridge). Creating this picture took me down a different route than I commonly use in creating my artwork. This picture is a “composite” of two faces, a computer circuit board, and the air grill on a computer. The various elements were layered, and […]

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Yes, I Can Create a Spacesuited Gal for Your Sci-Fi Book Cover

Lately, I’ve been employing 3D character creation for realistic book cover and magazine illustrations — sort of “photographs of the impossible.” The obvious big plus here is that I can offer the realism of a photo while creating art that would be impossible (or very expensive) to photograph. This process of creating science fiction book […]

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Creating the Cover Art and Layout for Prisoners of Eroak

Another of the new cover illustrations for John Bowers’ science fiction “Starport” series of novels. As the title shows, this is for Prisoners of Eroak. This cover presented a problem that is often encountered in creating book covers: A title that takes up two lines, thereby dictating that the illustration have more “real estate” at its […]

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Horror Artwork Featured In Every Writer Source

I was happy to learn several of my illustrations have been featured in the “For Writers: Publishing Tips and News” section at EveryWriterSource.com. The pictures are also slated to appear in its magazine. (If you’re an author, note that the electronic version of the magazine is available for free, and is a great source of […]

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About That Weird New Art Director At Amazing Stories

It’s official. Visitors to the Amazing Stories website were told Sunday: “Duncan Long recently joined the staff at Amazing Stories as its Art Director.” Let me answer two questions (you may, or may not be asking): Yes, it is a great honor. It’s also a childhood dream come true given the influence science fiction has […]

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The Amazing Kreskin and Witches and Fish

I about fell out of my chair today when this email came from The Amazing Kreskin himself — written after he’d finished reading my graphic novel Witches and Fish: I just had the most remarkable experience of reading and viewing your book… This is the first time I have ever read a graphic novel and […]

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Stuart Jaffe’s Southern Belle In Print (& Electrons)

The third book in Stuart Jaffe’s Max Porter paranormal mystery series is now out. The mystery Southern Belle can be found at Amazon in both Kindle and print formats. There were several interesting challenges in creating this book cover illustration. Foremost was the need to make it appear similar to the previous two book illustrations […]

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About the Emotions In a Pretty Face

I often have folks tell me that I’ve captured the emotions of a character created for a book cover perfectly. Or that I’ve created a really pretty face on a character. There are a few tricks to make such things happen. And they aren’t quite what you might think they’d be. In fact, there’s a […]

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Reworking Eleanor of Aquitaine

One of this week’s illustration projects was to rework and update my illustration of Eleanor of Aquitaine that I did seven years ago for a historic book written by Robert Fripp. The original book cover project was tricky because the only recorded “picture” of Eleanor of Aquitaine was a medieval statue along with some contemporary […]

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