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Graphic Novel Style Artwork

I’ve created two graphic novels of sorts (Witches and Fish and The Raven — both available from Amazon.com as well as the artwork for the Werewolves of New Idria written by John Chadwell). However, while these three books meet the requirements of being sequential, telling a story, and being supported by artwork, aren’t in the […]

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The Amazing Kreskin and Witches and Fish

I about fell out of my chair today when this email came from The Amazing Kreskin himself — written after he’d finished reading my graphic novel Witches and Fish: I just had the most remarkable experience of reading and viewing your book… This is the first time I have ever read a graphic novel and […]

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The Lost Illustrations: The Werewolves of New Idria

When I stared creating the illustrations for the graphic novel The Werewolves of New Idria, we knew the final page count and approximately how many illustrations I’d need to create for John Chadwell’s story. That said, there’s always a little “wheel spinning” with an art project like this, so a few pieces were created that […]

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Tips for Creating a Graphic Novel from a Script or Book.

Sometimes I’m contacted by writers having questions about how to translate a script or novel into a format that would allow an artist to create a graphic novel of the story. The process is not as straight-forward as one might imagine. Many writers make the mistake of trying to put too much into each page […]

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The Werewolves of New Idria Interview

John Chadwell got an interesting interview and write up about our upcoming graphic novel The Werewolves of New Idria in the Hollister Freelance newspaper. The twist here is that the paper is close to New Idria where the final climatic scene is set. Hopefully the locals don’t get too spooked by the story :o) ===================== […]

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Moonstone Book’s July Comic Book Releases

Moonstone Books recently released the covers for the comics and graphic novels it will release this upcoming July. Among the group slated for July release are a couple of installments of Buckaroo Banzai along with That Man Flint and the Spider. And, yes, even a new series Zombies vs. Cheerleaders that seems to have something […]

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Werewolves of New Idria Gaining Traction

John Chadwell (who wrote Werewolves of New Idria — which I illustrated in its graphic novel variation) reports that our new graphic novel is gaining some serious traction. John was interviewed by the Hollister Free Lance today about the graphic novel. He notes that The Bull Pen (a local game and comic book store) as […]

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