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Graphic Novel Style Artwork

I’ve created two graphic novels of sorts (Witches and Fish and The Raven — both available from Amazon.com as well as the artwork for the Werewolves of New Idria written by John Chadwell). However, while these three books meet the requirements of being sequential, telling a story, and being supported by artwork, aren’t in the […]

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Great Art Can Mean Great Book Sales.

Here’s a thought-provoking lecture from Chip Kidd (filmed February 2012 at a TED conference), that offers some useful tips and concepts for designing books. As he notes, designing books is no laughing matter, especially when it comes to selling books. And, as Kidd notes, “Great art can mean great sales.” However, in the case of […]

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Tips and Tricks for Creating a Kindle Ebook

As those following my blog know, I recently did the artwork and layout for the print version of Stephen Quayle’s Angel Wars. Now I’ve started on the Kindle ebook version of the title. Porting a novel into Kindle’s format (based on the older Mobipocket ebook format) isn’t too tough, thanks to the Mobipocket Creator, free […]

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Angel Wars: selling like hotcakes, garnering nice reviews

Stephen Quayle’s Angel Wars is selling like hotcakes and continues to garner great interest and some nice reviews (like this one at Prophecy in the News.) Here’s the cover illustration I created for the book: I also had the good fortune to be able to do the layout not only on the cover but also […]

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Carol Jackson’s Angel Unawares, A Novel Now On Sale

Carol Jackson’s Angel Unawares, A Novel is now available for sale at Barnes and Noble. Carol works in a TV studio, and part of her story takes place in a studio, giving the reader some behind-the-scenes insights into the workings and politics of a station. Yes, I created the book cover artwork and cover design. […]

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Rainbow In the Flames Is Now Available

I received word that Linda Franklin’s Rainbow In the Flames is now available at the author’s web site. Rainbow in the Flames is not only the touching survival story of young Jed Franklin’s courageous uphill battle, physically and emotionally, from a severe burn injury, but it also includes the struggle of his parents to relate […]

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Book Cover Illustration: Rainbow in the Flames

One of this week’s projects, the cover illustration and design for Linda Franklin’s Rainbow in the Flames, a true story of tragedy turned into triumph through the love and perseverance. The tricky part of this cover proved to be arranging the rainbow so it would cross the spine, show on the front in the proper […]

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Another Book Illustration for “Masque of the Red Death”

Yet another book illustration from my newly illustrated version of Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death — which can be downloaded for free from Datafilehost (in PDF format). This illustration is actually a composite of several other illustrations I created some time ago. It never really fit into any project, so I pressed […]

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How to Publish and E-Book

A couple of articles for those wanting to build their own books… A nice how-to article that gives the basics of eBook publishing: Publishing an Ebook. Everything You Need to Know to Design a Book’s Interior in 5 Simple Rules is a concise look at what the essentials for creating an excellent text layout for […]

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O, DTP, Where Art Thou?

I was conversing with a fellow graphic designer recently and mentioned how today we enjoyed the many benefits of DTP (desktop publishing). The designer was somewhat taken aback (with good reason – as noted below). And I realized that the term DTP is almost never used any more, having slowly vanished from the lexicon of […]

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