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Book Cover Artwork… and the Kitchen Sink

I recently completed the cover and inner illustrations for my novel Lesser Gods (which is a free download from Jan. 23-26, 2013 along with software/apps to read it on about any computer, tablet, or smartphone made — as well as a Kindle at Amazon.com). I’ve been writing, revising, and reworking this science fiction novel on […]

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C.A. Dawson’s Frozen in Time: Kindle Version

I got word that C.A. Dawson’s Frozen in Time is now available for Kindle users at: Amazon.com. C.A. Dawson is a science fiction writer living and working in Victoria, British Columbia. An excerpt is available to read online here: Frozen in Time The earlier book cover illustration I created for the title is shown below. […]

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Tips and Tricks for Creating a Kindle Ebook

As those following my blog know, I recently did the artwork and layout for the print version of Stephen Quayle’s Angel Wars. Now I’ve started on the Kindle ebook version of the title. Porting a novel into Kindle’s format (based on the older Mobipocket ebook format) isn’t too tough, thanks to the Mobipocket Creator, free […]

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Book Cover Illustration: Henshin by Duane Kolilis

Last week’s book cover project involved creating an illustration and titling for Duane Kolilis’ novel Henshin. Since the book will initially be released in Kindle format, we had two concerns: That the picture look good at the lower resolution of the Kindle (which is about a third of a print picture of the same size), […]

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