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Book Cover Artwork… and the Kitchen Sink

I recently completed the cover and inner illustrations for my novel Lesser Gods (which is a free download from Jan. 23-26, 2013 along with software/apps to read it on about any computer, tablet, or smartphone made — as well as a Kindle at Amazon.com). I’ve been writing, revising, and reworking this science fiction novel on […]

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Chapter Icons for Lesser Gods

I’ve always liked having “extras” in the way of ornamentation, icons, and illustrations in books, so when I did the Kindle layout for my new science fiction novel Lesser Gods, I created a set of icons that would appear at the top of each chapter. (Figuring out how to get Kindle to center and size […]

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Final Cover for Lesser Gods Sci-Fi Novel

We finalized the front cover — and name — of my new science fiction novel Lesser Gods. In addition to writing the book, I also was able to illustrate the cover and add several dozen drawings and paintings to the inner text as a special extra for readers. By way of promotion, I’ll be offering […]

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