Lesser Gods science fiction novel chapter icons

I’ve always liked having “extras” in the way of ornamentation, icons, and illustrations in books, so when I did the Kindle layout for my new science fiction novel Lesser Gods, I created a set of icons that would appear at the top of each chapter. (Figuring out how to get Kindle to center and size them probably was a bit of a frustration, but by “hacking” the layout for a day or two, I finally came up with a compromise that worked well.)

The various icons go with the story — though it may not be obvious at first exactly how they fit into the tale.

I should note that readers can download a free Kindle version of Lesser Gods from Jan 22-26, 2013. After that, it will be sold for $2.99 a copy.

The story is a little hard to describe. It takes place in the near future with artificial intelligent machines and genetic engineering become common — and commonly misused and sometimes malfunctioning with disastrous results. An anti-hero with a cynical sense of humor rounds out the story. Oh, and a pretty and possibly virtual gal named Alice. As in Alice In Wonderland. Yes, the plot gets a little strange.

Discover more about Lesser Gods, read sample chapters, etc., at Lesser Gods website.

And, if your calender is reading on or between Jan. 22-26, 2013, hurry on over and download a copy of this sci-fi adventure while it’s still available for free at: Lesser Gods: Amazon.com.