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Tips and Tricks for Creating a Kindle Ebook

As those following my blog know, I recently did the artwork and layout for the print version of Stephen Quayle’s Angel Wars. Now I’ve started on the Kindle ebook version of the title. Porting a novel into Kindle’s format (based on the older Mobipocket ebook format) isn’t too tough, thanks to the Mobipocket Creator, free […]

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Angel Wars: selling like hotcakes, garnering nice reviews

Stephen Quayle’s Angel Wars is selling like hotcakes and continues to garner great interest and some nice reviews (like this one at Prophecy in the News.) Here’s the cover illustration I created for the book: I also had the good fortune to be able to do the layout not only on the cover but also […]

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3 Sneak Peeks: Book Cover Artwork/Layout

I’m slowly wrapping up what proved to be a huge book project: Illustrating and laying out Steve Quayle’s Angel Wars. Rather than creating only the cover illustration for the book (as is my normal assignment with book projects), I also did the graphic design and layout of the cover and all the inner pages as […]

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