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Angel Wars: selling like hotcakes, garnering nice reviews

Stephen Quayle’s Angel Wars is selling like hotcakes and continues to garner great interest and some nice reviews (like this one at Prophecy in the News.) Here’s the cover illustration I created for the book: I also had the good fortune to be able to do the layout not only on the cover but also […]

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Another Book Illustration from “Eleonora”

Another illustration from the free ebook I put together which you can download here: Edgar Allan Poe’s “Eleonora”; it’s in PDF format. You can also still download my illustrated version of Poe’s “The Raven” here. Please feel free to share these ebooks (or their links) with your friends. And if you want to offer it […]

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Choosing the Right Typeface for a Graphic Design

Choosing the right typeface (aka “font”) for a book cover or other publication is not as easy as it may seem. Part of the problem is the huge wealth of choices most of us have today. Back just a few decades ago, a designer might have access to a dozen typefaces on a good day. […]

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The Right Typeface for a Book Cover

Picking the right typeface for the lettering on a book cover can be key in getting sales as well as presenting a professional appearance to potential buyers. One of the mistakes many cover designers make (and especially self-publishing authors) is to select type that calls attention to itself. At first blush this seems a good […]

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A Book Cover Illustration Without a Home

For fun I often create book cover illustrations – without an actual story to illustrate. Oddly enough, these often eventually find a home or attract attention of a publisher or author needing a similar book cover illustration. Plus they’re fun to do. Here’s the latest, a science fiction book cover illustration, presently without a home. […]

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Outcasts in Outer Space

The Hubble telescope continues to inspire artists, bringing new styles and skies to science fiction as well as astronomy. I tried my hand at duplicating (in a rough way) some of the shots from Hubble, and then went ahead and created a “world” where such a sky might exist, adding a tiny fire and character […]

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Wearing My Typographer’s Hat

Sometimes I do more than just a book cover illustration for a client, tackling the lettering and graphic design/layout of the cover as well. This calls for some different software tools (most of my illustration work is done with an elderly Corel Photo-Paint 8). Work often gets down to the level of not just kerning […]

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