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Reworking Eleanor of Aquitaine

One of this week’s illustration projects was to rework and update my illustration of Eleanor of Aquitaine that I did seven years ago for a historic book written by Robert Fripp. The original book cover project was tricky because the only recorded “picture” of Eleanor of Aquitaine was a medieval statue along with some contemporary […]

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27 Wondrous Book Cover Designs and Layouts

Yes, another biased look at some of my book cover designs. And, again, I’ve laid them out on their own page so they can appear at larger sizes on the page without a need to click through to each one. You can explore them here: book cover layouts and designs. Each cover design works (I […]

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Book Cover Illustration: Rainbow in the Flames

One of this week’s projects, the cover illustration and design for Linda Franklin’s Rainbow in the Flames, a true story of tragedy turned into triumph through the love and perseverance. The tricky part of this cover proved to be arranging the rainbow so it would cross the spine, show on the front in the proper […]

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Choosing the Right Typeface for a Graphic Design

Choosing the right typeface (aka “font”) for a book cover or other publication is not as easy as it may seem. Part of the problem is the huge wealth of choices most of us have today. Back just a few decades ago, a designer might have access to a dozen typefaces on a good day. […]

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Are Serifs Really Easier (than Sans) to Read?

Serif typefaces are often recommended for book text because they are “easier to read. ” And for the same reason, it follows that sans serif is only suitable for headlines and such. (And by way of explanation, the expert may then impart a strange theory about how the curves of the serifs “guide the eye” […]

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Last Week’s Book Cover Illustration and Design

Book cover illustration and cover design/layout for Dr. David Gelber’s soon-to-be-released Joshua and Aaron (Book Two in the series). In creating this cover, our first thrust was to offer a view of a human card player and only death’s hand and cards showing. Logically this made the most sense since readers tend to identify with […]

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Mind Games Now Available

As readers of my past posts know, I occasionally work as a graphic designer, laying out books I create illustrations for. One such book was Richard Thieme’s Mind Games which I also “published” under my Duncan Long Publications imprint. With all the work that went into this book, it is a bit nearer and dearer […]

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