Relentless book cover dust jacket artwork

Yes, another biased look at some of my book cover designs. And, again, I’ve laid them out on their own page so they can appear at larger sizes on the page without a need to click through to each one. You can explore them here: book cover layouts and designs.

Each cover design works (I think) because it captures the genre or overall feel of the book as well as attracting the eyes of potential customers so they’ll pick up the book or click on a link to find out more about it.

And that’s all the cover really needs to do.

The purpose of a book cover is not so much to tell the whole story but rather capture the attention of a potential buyer. As such, it might not be a cover that most people find attractive or even of interest; rather it must target not the general population but potential readers. That’s an important distinction that many book cover designers as well as their clients fail to remember. The cover promises a good read; the book delivers on that promise.

For this reason the illustration (or lack thereof), the color of the book cover, and the typeface used on the front, back, and spine are all of critical importance. Get one wrong and it can translate into a lot of lost sales.

And so… Without further ado…. 27 Wondrous Book Cover Designs and Layouts

Duncan Long is a graphic artist who often does the layouts for book covers as well as creating the illustrations for them. You can see more examples of his book cover design in Duncan Long’s Portfolio.