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Cover Reveal for John Chadwell’s Legends and Liars

I recently had the chance to create the cover artwork and layout for John Chadwell’s new science fiction novel Legends and Liars. It was a pretty straight-forward design job with an illustration that would reflect the idea that much of the story would take place in space. The lettering then “nailed” it as a science […]

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K. Rowe’s Sci-Fi Adventure Space Available Now Available

K. Rowe’s Sci-Fi Adventure Space Available in a Kindle version as well as print. As I prepared to create this book cover illustration, it presented a rather odd problem; one of the central elements for the cover (and one of the running jokes in the plot line) is an alien artifact that looks like a […]

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Cover Illustration: Troy A. Rutter’s Science Fiction Novel

I recently had the pleasure of creating the illustration above for Troy A. Rutter’s upcoming, young adult science fiction novel Journey to Phaedra. The author approached me about creating a cover illustration with possibly hundreds of suspended animation pods on the inside of a large spaceship bay, with one large one that had opened to […]

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Book Illustrations from Sketch Rejections

Sometimes a sketch for a book or CD cover illustration doesn’t work for the client; often this is more a matter of whether it fits into the needs or style the client is looking for at the moment rather than the merit of the idea itself. Which is why a seasoned illustrator springs several different […]

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Mind Games Now Available

As readers of my past posts know, I occasionally work as a graphic designer, laying out books I create illustrations for. One such book was Richard Thieme’s Mind Games which I also “published” under my Duncan Long Publications imprint. With all the work that went into this book, it is a bit nearer and dearer […]

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Spiral Galaxies and Deep Space Illustrations

The Hubble telescope has given mankind a taste of what space looks like, from exploding galaxies to beautiful dust nebulae. And graphic artists often use these pictures as references for creating the look of deep space, especially for science fiction book covers and similar illustrations and artwork. This is my latest exercise in painting a […]

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