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Dawn of the Mad Is Now In Print

I received word that Brandon J. Huckabay’s science fiction novel Dawn of the Mad is now available in paperback and Kindle formats. Yes, that is a zombie soldier on the cover. (And, yes, I did the illustration.) These guys figure in the story. The novel is a real page-turner. Here’s the blurb: Awakening of the […]

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5 Book Cover Illustrations Looking for New Homes

Another set of illustrations from the flying monkeys at the Duncan Long Studio. These illustrations were created for my personal pleasure, but hopefully eventually will find homes on book or magazine covers. Subject matter covers science fiction to horror to fantasy, with perhaps a few stops in the Twilight Zone. For those interested in purchasing […]

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A. J. Vegas’ A. I. Offspring Book Cover

Here’s the cover illustration for A. J. Vega’s science fiction adventure A. I. Offspring. The cloud of “smoke” coming from the gal’s hand is an outpouring of tiny nanobots… I’ll not say more since I don’t want to give away too much of the plot. From a design standpoint, having just one of the three […]

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Book Illustrations from Sketch Rejections

Sometimes a sketch for a book or CD cover illustration doesn’t work for the client; often this is more a matter of whether it fits into the needs or style the client is looking for at the moment rather than the merit of the idea itself. Which is why a seasoned illustrator springs several different […]

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Mind Games Now Available

As readers of my past posts know, I occasionally work as a graphic designer, laying out books I create illustrations for. One such book was Richard Thieme’s Mind Games which I also “published” under my Duncan Long Publications imprint. With all the work that went into this book, it is a bit nearer and dearer […]

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