Dawn-science fiction novel artwork by illustrator Duncan Long

I received word that Brandon J. Huckabay’s science fiction novel Dawn of the Mad is now available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Yes, that is a zombie soldier on the cover. (And, yes, I did the illustration.) These guys figure in the story.

The novel is a real page-turner. Here’s the blurb:

Awakening of the Mad… Lying in apathetic slumber for a thousand years, an ancient race of reclusive clairvoyants suddenly awakens. The elder leader seeks to alter the tides of war by introducing a super weapon: a soldier that can be recycled on the field of battle, negating wounds …and even death itself.

While research is being conducted on a remote planet, the weapon escapes creating a collision between worlds. In the path of the Mad… Recently promoted police homicide detective Johnny Roman thinks he has reached the pinnacle of his law enforcement career until his investigation into a bizarre array of murders gripping the city threatens not only his career, but his life as well.

Finding himself in over his head, Detective Roman attains the help of unlikely allies in the form of a timid coroner technician and an enigmatic group of elite soldiers. Detective Roman is quickly thrust into the front lines trying to contain a spreading epidemic and a crazed alien killer in his own backyard: Earth

In addition to creating the illustration for the front of the book cover, I also did the cover layout for the author. Since the top of his helmet created a nice arch pattern, I altered the title lettering to match the curve, then flipped the last “D” to create a little lettering madness to match the title:

Dawn of the Mad - Science Fiction Cover Artwork and layout

I also created a logo for the company address and spine to match the insignia elements of the soldier/zombies in the story. This logo also appears in the illustration as well (to the left of the grenades on the zombie’s chest).

Astig Books Logo created by Duncan Long

If you’re a science fiction fan, check out this book. (There’s a free preview through the “look inside” feature at Amazon.)

Duncan Long is a book illustrator who’s done work for HarperCollins, Amazing Stories, Pocket Books, ILEX, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Moonstone Books, and many indie presses and self-publishing authors. You can see more of his artwork for science fiction novels at Duncan Long’s Gallery of Science Fiction Artwork and Pre-Made Science Fiction Book Covers.