Deep Space Thoughts - book cover illustration looking for a book cover to be on.

"Deep Space Thoughts" by book cover artist Duncan Long

Another set of illustrations from the flying monkeys at the Duncan Long Studio. These illustrations were created for my personal pleasure, but hopefully eventually will find homes on book or magazine covers. Subject matter covers science fiction to horror to fantasy, with perhaps a few stops in the Twilight Zone.

For those interested in purchasing the rights to any of these, please note the title under the picture to get me “on track” with our negotiations (it is so embarrassing to sell the rights to the wrong piece of artwork — ahem).

Sometimes Darkness wins book cover artwork illustration

"Sometimes the Darkness Wins" book cover artwork by Duncan Long

Low Noon - book cover illustration

"Low Noon' - book cover illustration by Duncan Long

Teen Witch book cover artwork

"Teen Witch" book cover artwork by illustrator Duncan Long

Storming Heaven - book cover artwork by illustrator Duncan Long

"Storming Heaven" - book cover artwork by illustrator Duncan Long

As this is written, all five of these illustrations have all rights available including book and magazine cover rights. It will be interesting to see where these appear. That said, there is work to be done on contracted covers… so back to work.
Duncan Long illustrates magazines and books for self-publishing authors, indie publishers, and large presses. Discover more of his illustrations at Duncan Long’s Magazine and Book Cover Portfolio