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Busy, busy, busy…

Autumn is always busy in the publishing industry, and this one is no exception here at the Duncan Long Studio (hence the picture of one the staff, Ralph the flying monkey). Once consequence of the growing workload is updating of my blog slides. But that said, here’re a few of the more book cover projects […]

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The Making of a Book Cover: O’Dwyer’s Relentless

I recently created the cover illustration and layout for both the ebook and print version of Relentless by P. J. O’Dwyer. It proved to be a challenging project offering a great payoff with the resulting beautiful cover. It also allowed me to play a small part of the effort to help alert the public to […]

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Cover for Mary Maddox’s Talion Completed

Rounded up the illustration and layout for the cover of Mary Maddox’s Talion novel. This paranormal thriller is a good read and when the book with this cover becomes available, I’ll be posting a link to it. And, yes, the book is already in print (and can be ordered here), Why the new cover? The […]

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3 Book Cover Illustrations for Knights of the Chosen

The illustration above is for one of the projects we’ve been working this week. As you can see, this is the book cover artwork (with lettering) created for Lawrence P. White’s Spirit of Empire. series, this one titled Knights of the Chosen.. Here’s one of the early sketches which established the sky/ground pattern that would […]

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Cover Reworking: Last Week’s Book Artwork

One of last week’s projects consisted of a re-working of the cover of Lawrence P. White’s novel. The new book is actually two books combined into one, giving readers a two-fer when they buy it. The original title (now the first half of the new book) was Spirit of Empire. That became the subtitle with […]

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Final Version of The Devil’s Sword Book Cover

Here’s the final version of the book cover for Douglas E. Richards‘ The Devil’s Sword. Since the illustration didn’t have a sword on it (even though fencing plays a big role in the storyline), I created a vector graphic of a classic fencing foil and then “impaled” the O and D in the “sword” part […]

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This Weeks Book Cover Illustration and Layout

Sneak preview of the cover I completed this week for R. Thomas Roe’s Palm Beach Gold. ===================== Duncan Long is a freelance book cover illustrator and layout artist for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon Press, Fort Ross, and many other publishers and self-publishing authors. See his cover illustrations at: http://DuncanLong.com/art.html =====================

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Book Cover Design/Layout/Illustration Mockup

I occasionally create a book cover mock-up to “fill in the spaces” in my online portfolio and galleries. This is one such recent book cover design, based on an illustration I create about a year ago while experimenting with a technique for creating a rough, painterly effect using historic figures as a starting point. =============== […]

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Last Week’s Book Cover Illustration and Design

Book cover illustration and cover design/layout for Dr. David Gelber’s soon-to-be-released Joshua and Aaron (Book Two in the series). In creating this cover, our first thrust was to offer a view of a human card player and only death’s hand and cards showing. Logically this made the most sense since readers tend to identify with […]

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Wearing My Typographer’s Hat

Sometimes I do more than just a book cover illustration for a client, tackling the lettering and graphic design/layout of the cover as well. This calls for some different software tools (most of my illustration work is done with an elderly Corel Photo-Paint 8). Work often gets down to the level of not just kerning […]

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