Flying monkey Ralph - book novel illustrator

Ralph, the head flying monkey at the Duncan Long Studio

Autumn is always busy in the publishing industry, and this one is no exception here at the Duncan Long Studio (hence the picture of one the staff, Ralph the flying monkey).

Once consequence of the growing workload is updating of my blog slides. But that said, here’re a few of the more book cover projects I’ve recently been working on…

Among the project was the creation of a terrorist for the cover of Edward Shafik’s novel Fool’s Paradise — complete with bomb vest.



Craig Halloran hired me to create the illustration for his upcoming Dark Destroyer.

Dark Destroyer - Book Cover illustration by artist Duncan Long

And here’s the mockup of the cover with lettering (the final layout will more than likely use a different typeface and layout):

Darkslayer book cover artwork and layout - illustrator Duncan Long

Character created for Alabama Rebel novel - artist Duncan Long

I created the character concept painting (above) which eventually (with a few modifications) found its way onto the novel cover Alabama Rebel by R. Thomas Roe (below).

R.ThomasRoe-Alabama Rebel book layout artwork - illustrator Duncan Long

I got a kick out of creating Thomas Bryson’s Pyschotic Preschoolers cover illustration and layout — it’s also already in print. And with a title like that, it seems destined to sell quite a few copies, if for no other reason than readers enjoy being able to say they’ve read a book with that title. And that the stories are entertaining is a big plus, too.

Thomas Bryson Psychotic Preschoolers book cover illustrator Duncan Long

Also completed is the layout as well as the cover illustration for Tongue of Fire by David McKnight:

Tongue of Fire - book layout artist and illustrator Duncan Long

An updated illustration I’d done some time back became the cover for Edward Shafik’s Paradise Regained:

Edward Shafik Cover artwork by book illustrator Duncan Long

Ralph Yankee Arnold’s upcoming novel will have an illustration I created for it on its cover:

Ralph Yankee Arnold cover illustration by book artist Duncan Long

And… Last but not least… I received word today that Stuart Jaffe’s supernatural/mystery Southern Charm (which I created the illustration for) is “going live” in a few days. Here’s the final layout — not an easy job for the graphic artist given my illustration placed the character on the left of the entire cover area (I was thankful I wasn’t doing the layout on this one):

Stuart Jaffe Soutern Charm book cover artist Duncan Long

There’s more, but I just heard breaking glass in the studio (most likely another “stuff” throwing contest), so it’s time to head in and get the critters settled down and back to work.