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Creating the book cover for My Odyssey

I recently had the pleasure of creating the book cover illustration as well as the graphic design and layout for the cover of Kathryn H. Clark’s memoir My Odyssey. After several false starts, a friend of the author sat down with her and created a sketch which we then followed greatly simplifying the process as […]

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Busy, busy, busy…

Autumn is always busy in the publishing industry, and this one is no exception here at the Duncan Long Studio (hence the picture of one the staff, Ralph the flying monkey). Once consequence of the growing workload is updating of my blog slides. But that said, here’re a few of the more book cover projects […]

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Read Portions of the Ouroh Trilogy Online

Before I created the cover illustration for Thomas D. Bryson’s Ouroh trilogy, the author asked me to read his book manuscript (and, yes, paid me a handsome sum for the task). It was a thick manuscript — actually three whole books — and a daunting read due to the marvelous word play that demands some […]

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Book Cover Design/Layout/Illustration Mockup

I occasionally create a book cover mock-up to “fill in the spaces” in my online portfolio and galleries. This is one such recent book cover design, based on an illustration I create about a year ago while experimenting with a technique for creating a rough, painterly effect using historic figures as a starting point. =============== […]

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A Fun Illustration

I’m often asked how in the world I can produce so many illustrations — and one questioner recently suggested perhaps I started my career at age three. That may not be far off the mark. My parents can attest that I did start at about three, but it was more caveman sketching on my poor […]

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