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CreateSpace and Lesser Gods

The paperback version of my science fiction novel Lesser Gods is now available, with additional artwork not found in the ebook version — and more interesting typefaces and layout. (Yes, eBooks are nice and handy to read, but print still can be a bit more refined if not prettier.) Many of my clients have been […]

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Self-Publishing and ISBNs

From time to time I get questions from self-publishing authors about books and ISBNs, so I thought I might address it here in my blog. The ISBN ( International Standard Book Number) was created so that books could be easily identified through computer systems worldwide. Originally made with a 10-digit number, it was later changed […]

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A Fun Illustration

I’m often asked how in the world I can produce so many illustrations — and one questioner recently suggested perhaps I started my career at age three. That may not be far off the mark. My parents can attest that I did start at about three, but it was more caveman sketching on my poor […]

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