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Bleed and “Color Space” for Book Cover PDFs

For self publishers or those starting a small press, the process of creating a print cover PDF can seem pretty daunting the first go around. Fortunately after a time or two it becomes pretty much “old hat” and can be taken in stride (though this isn’t to say that new and varied hiccups don’t occur […]

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Creating the book cover for My Odyssey

I recently had the pleasure of creating the book cover illustration as well as the graphic design and layout for the cover of Kathryn H. Clark’s memoir My Odyssey. After several false starts, a friend of the author sat down with her and created a sketch which we then followed greatly simplifying the process as […]

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6 Excellent Articles About Book Layout and Text Design

Good book layout is partly an art but mostly a craft. This is especially true of the inner pages where things have been done pretty much the same way since Gutenberg cranked out his first books. If a designer knows and applies the rules, the reward is book text that “looks right.” If the rules […]

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Last Week’s Book Cover Illustration and Design

Book cover illustration and cover design/layout for Dr. David Gelber’s soon-to-be-released Joshua and Aaron (Book Two in the series). In creating this cover, our first thrust was to offer a view of a human card player and only death’s hand and cards showing. Logically this made the most sense since readers tend to identify with […]

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Free Ebook: A Halloween Present

In keeping with the holiday season, I’m offering a free download of the newly illustrated Edgar Allan Poe classic, “The Raven” (which illustrated and laid out this last week). Careful, the virtual ink’s still wet. Please note that in addition to the new illustrations, I also created a new typeface for this publication as well […]

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