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Finding Badger Spied In Atlanta

Author Holly LaMora has informed me that Finding Badger is now appearing in display ads at bus stops in Atlanta, GA. Here are a couple of shots she sent along: Billed as a “Metaphorical Journey of Transformation,” Finding Badger is available in paperback and Kindle format at: Amazon.com. (For a behind-the-scenes look at the creation […]

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Book Cover Artwork for The Silent Call

Here’s the cover illustration I created for James Diffin’s new science fiction/fantasy/action-adventure novel The Silent Call. The author wanted to picture a pivotal scene in the novel where the hero (John Ryder, a young American chess grand master) discovers there may be a modern-day Merlin in his life, with the magician taking the hero to […]

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6 Excellent Articles About Book Layout and Text Design

Good book layout is partly an art but mostly a craft. This is especially true of the inner pages where things have been done pretty much the same way since Gutenberg cranked out his first books. If a designer knows and applies the rules, the reward is book text that “looks right.” If the rules […]

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One more book illustration from “Eleonora”

One more illustration from the free ebook of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Eleonora” (which you can be download for free here). The illustrated version of Poe’s “The Raven” can also be downloaded for free here. Please feel free to share these ebooks (or their links) with your friends. And if you want to offer either for […]

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