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Two Book Covers for the Price of One

I was recently contacted by Spanish author Richard Falken about creating a pair of covers for his upcoming adventure series. The writer had a limited budget for his covers and was wondering if I’d consider creating a single illustration and then letting him use it for the first two books in the series, perhaps with […]

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B&W Book Artwork: A Healing in Bethesda

Another piece from my B&W book artwork for Victor Thorn’s Reality Bomb. This B&W book artwork is titled A Healing in Bethesda and is based on the passage in John 5:1-15 where Jesus heals a man who is unable to walk. Obviously (as in the tradition of religious painters) I’ve updated the picture for modern […]

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Book Artwork: Second Death – Last Rites

Another of the B&W book illustrations created for Victor Thorn’s upcoming book, Reality Bomb. Although this artwork started its “life” as a colored illustration, the translation into black and white worked well, making a powerful picture for Thorn’s book. This B&W book artwork is titled Second Death – Last Rites. ===================== Duncan Long is a […]

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No Problem’s Too Big

Over the years I’ve found that sometimes, at least with artistic conundrums, the best solution is to run away. Let me explain. Sometimes in writing, illustration, or composing music, the artist manages to paint himself into a corner. The sentence that was going so well suddenly comes to a phrase that doesn’t have a good […]

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Free Ebook: A Halloween Present

In keeping with the holiday season, I’m offering a free download of the newly illustrated Edgar Allan Poe classic, “The Raven” (which illustrated and laid out this last week). Careful, the virtual ink’s still wet. Please note that in addition to the new illustrations, I also created a new typeface for this publication as well […]

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