Thomas Bryson Ouroh Trilogy - book cover artist Duncan Long

Before I created the cover illustration for Thomas D. Bryson’s Ouroh trilogy, the author asked me to read his book manuscript (and, yes, paid me a handsome sum for the task).

It was a thick manuscript — actually three whole books — and a daunting read due to the marvelous word play that demands some extra thought in order to be fully appreciated. Think gourmet banquet rather than a fast food snack. But the reading was well worth the extra effort, and after I got into the flow of the story, I found it truly amazing — a bit like Lewis Carol crossed with Monty Python — only with some very serious and moving elements as well.

There is a progression with the first story being mostly light and surprising, and the story then developing in a surprising way with the two books that follow becoming more serious and the action riveting with battles that ultimately end with both tragedy and joy. It’s an amazing accomplishment for any author, and Bryson hits all the right emotional chords to produce everything from out-right laughter to tears when some of the most unhuman (yet so likeable) creatures meet tragic ends

A large section of the Ouroh trilogy can be read online at Google Books.

My advice: Try it, you’ll like it. offers the print version of Ouroh as well as the Kindle version of Ouroh.

Barnes & Noble also offers print and Nook versions of Ouroh.