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Creating a Cover Illustration for John Bowers’ Guerrilla Girl

We finished up the book cover illustration for the second installment in John Bowers’ science fiction “Starport” series, Guerrilla Girl last week. Amazingly enough, the novelĀ is already available for sale today at Amazon. The final version of my cover artwork (and layout) is shown above. For the project we started with a 3D model (which […]

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The Making of a Book Cover: O’Dwyer’s Relentless

I recently created the cover illustration and layout for both the ebook and print version of Relentless by P. J. O’Dwyer. It proved to be a challenging project offering a great payoff with the resulting beautiful cover. It also allowed me to play a small part of the effort to help alert the public to […]

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John Chadwell’s Novel and Graphic Novel Cover Artwork

Received this photo of a jolly John Chadwell standing in front of the book cover and graphic novel cover I created for him. And, yes, that’s his Facebook page showing there on the monitor at the lower right. John has a lot to smile about. His scripts for both stories are now making the rounds […]

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Hunter-After The Fall, Book One Is Now a Bestseller!

Got an interesting email from self-publishing author John Backus about his new novel. The book has been meeting with amazing success. I find John’s experience interesting because it paints a picture of what I think the future of publishing is soon likely to be: Authors putting their own stories into print, then shepherding them to […]

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Painting with Electrons: Book Cover Artwork

Although I used to work in oil paints and pen and ink, today my illustrations (like the one above for George Blackburne’s The Reverse Multiplier Effect) are all digital, painted by pushing electrons across the screen with a Wacom digital tablet and pen. The sizes of the paintings I create for book covers are generally […]

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Creativity: Madmen, Geniuses, and Harvard Students

I recently wrote a small article for Dr. Shelley Carson’s blog page. For those unfamiliar with Dr. Carson, she teaches an award-winning (and very popular) course “Creativity: Madmen, Geniuses, and Harvard Students” at Harvard. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to exchange emails with her, discussing how my various experiences have influenced my own […]

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Book Cover: Lawrence P. White’s Spirit of Empire

Cover for science fiction novel Spirit of Empire. The author Lawrence P. White came to this project with an excellent cover concept, and it was a lot of fun bringing it to life for him. Here’s the final version. ===================== Duncan Long is a freelance book cover illustrator for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Solomon […]

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